Additional advantages to filing a Chapter 13 (in addition to preventing a home foreclosure)

  • Stop creditor attempts to repossess your car, and even force a recently repossessed car to be returned to you (generally a 10 day window).


  • Stop your wages, bank accounts and tax refunds from being garnished, and even force the return of previously garnished funds to you (if over $600 taken within 90 days).


  • Stop harassment by your creditors. No more phone calls or letters.  Kerry Hettinger, PLC is happy to help you take care of everything.


  • Pay off your credit cards, medical debts and other unsecured debts  “in part” or “in full” (with no interest).  It all depends on what you can actually afford to pay, not on what the creditors want.


  • Stop further obligations to creditors whose services you have not yet fully received, such as health clubs, dance studios, time share fees, leases, etc.


  • Void certain liens against your possessions and other personal items.  In some cases we can even void out second mortgages.


  • Manage tax bills and repayment.  Older income taxes are actually dischargeable.  Recent taxes can be managed through stretching out the payment, as well as applying only reasonable interest and no more penalties.


  • Student loan obligations- while not generally dischargeable- are managed through getting back on track with affordable payments and then resetting when the ch 13 is complete.


  • No need to wait 8 years from an earlier chapter 7 bankruptcy filing (can file and obtain a new discharge after only 4 years).


  • Call to schedule a free consultation to see which of these benefits, and possibly even others, will apply in your situation.
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