2014 Tax Refunds – Possibly the Best Use

As the days begin to lengthen, and despite the piles of snow, we know Spring is finally headed our way.  We also once again find ourselves in the midst of tax season and possible refunds.

This all raises an important question for many of our friends who may be expecting substantial tax refund checks.  “What is the best use of such money?”  Purchase a car, TV, pay off credit card debt?  Well if you’re practically drowning in debt- like many of our clients when they first come in to see us- using your tax refund to file a full bankruptcy or a repayment plan may absolutely be the best use of such monies:

A mistake often made is to use limited tax refund monies to only pay down the credit cards and other bills.  Unless your tax refund can pay off all of your debts you may be better off using a portion of your tax refund to fund the costs of filing bankruptcy, which will likely completely discharge those debts and put you on the road to financial recovery as well as a fresh start.

For most of our clients, the tax refund represents the one time of the year where they have options. Please call for a free consultation to discuss those options.

At Kerry Hettinger, PLC we will work as hard as possible to limit attorney fees in our debt solution practice.  Yet even at our office the most difficult issue for our clients is the costs of filing a bankruptcy and attorney fees.  If you find yourself buried or drowning in debt, then please be careful to use the opportunity presented by your 2014 tax refunds carefully and wisely.

Call our office today, (269) 344-0700, for a free consultation and to see what your tax refund can do for you.


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